When Chris Janson goes on tour with a headlining act, his goal is not to seek advice from them, but take "emotional" and "mental" notes from the experience, and he gathered some pretty valuable ones while on the road with Sam Hunt.

Touring with Hunt for the duration of his 15 in a 30 Tour, alongside follow opening act Maren Morris, it wasn't a piece of advice that Janson took away with him, but the authenticity of both his peers. "They're both very good people," he says of Hunt and Morris. "Sam is a very humble guy, if you didn't know he was in music, you wouldn't know, which is what I really like about him. I take personal notes and things like that from people."

And for Janson, the phrase "opposites attract" is true to his own experience. While he recognizes the differences in musical styles between the three, he believes that's exactly what brings them - and their fans - together. "Musically, we're nothing alike. Maren, Sam and I we are so polar opposites that we don't even fit on the same page, but somehow, we fit in the same book," the "Buy Me a Boat" singer explains. "Which is so neat because the tour brings all different types of country music fans together, which is interesting and somehow it works and everybody's really loving it."

Along with his superstar tour mates, Janson beholds a deep admiration for many of his fellow peers including Blake Shelton,  Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw. "That's another perfect example of somebody who I take great notes from. He sings 'Humble and Kind' but he truly is," Janson says of McGraw, adding that Bryan is the "same way" along with Shelton. "You don't meet a better person than Blake Shelton, in my opinion."

Janson is currently on his own headlining gig, the Everybody Tour, through early 2018 before wrapping up at the Ryman on Feb. 9.

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