Chris Stapleton and the iconic Dwight Yoakam joined forces at the 2016 CMA Awards to cover a unique duet, "Seven Spanish Angels," first performed by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles in 1984, and though it may have had a slightly different sound, the combination was nearly as impressive as the original.

Stapleton, of course, brought his powerful, raspy wail to the tune from the first note, starting off the song alongside his wife Morgane, who always performs with him. Yoakam took the next part as Stapleton looked on with admiration for the legend.

It was when the two came together that the audience was truly blown away. Their voices swirled around one another in a way that impressed even the biggest country stars in the seats, as Stapleton’s ad-libs, in particular, reached new heights on the tune. The artists wrapped the song with an air of humility, each bowing gracefully to a standing ovation from many in the audience.

Stapleton got a huge career boost at last year’s CMAs when he performed with Justin Timberlake, catapulting his album Traveller to the forefront of country music for months. It didn’t take long for the singer-songwriter to become a household name, though he had been working in the business for years. He’s now a Grammy-winning artist, consistently selling out shows all over the country, and also took home Male Vocalist and Music Video of the Year on Wednesday night.

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