The women of Song Suffragettes swung for the fences on a recent Monday night at Nashville's Listening Room, taking on "Tennessee Whiskey" -- a song that's been cut by both George Jones and Chris Stapleton.

Lacy Green, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Tay Barton and Sarah Ames took the stage for the weekly #LetTheGirlsPlay show on July 3, and they had no easy task in front of them. Stone kicks off the song in the video above, playing acoustic chords and taking the first vocal part, followed by Shorr, who displays a different timbre of her voice here than usual. Ames delivers a strong vocal turn, and Barton and Green add their own special touches to the song as it ebbs and flows. The singers all join their voices at the end to bring the song to a hushed conclusion to the approval of the crowd.

Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove wrote "Tennessee Whiskey," which David Allan Coe recorded and released in 1981. It became a hit for Jones in 1983 when he recorded it for his album Shine On, and Stapleton covered it for his debut solo album, Traveller, in 2015. His version was launched to No. 1 after he gave a career-making performance of the song with Justin Timberlake at the 2015 CMA Awards.

The Suffragettes shows provide a showcase for the best rising female singer-songwriters in Nashville, and they close every performance with a group cover. Look for those covers on Taste of Country each week, as well as regular featured artist profiles. Shorr is not only a mainstay of the Song Suffragettes and a former ToC featured artist, she is also a breakout, and we named her as one of our RISERS for 2017. Check her out below in a special RISERS performance of one of her original songs titled "Nothin' New." There's also an exclusive photo shoot and interview about her SiriusXM breakthrough single, "Fight Like a Girl."

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