Chris Young's 'Aw Naw' video takes place in a mini-mart. Really -- however, this particular convenience store has a whole lot more going on inside than what you'd imagine...

The clip begins with Young and his crew hopping off the tour bus and walking into the store to grab a few things for a night of taking it easy. But this isn't just any convenience store. In addition to all the gummy worms, cigarettes and potato chips, there are beautiful women aplenty.

A beautiful brunette in a lacy black dress and high heels and another gorgeous blonde lure Young and his crew into the beer cooler, but isn't just any cooler -- it turns out to be a hidden bar.

The singer throws back a few shots surrounded by a slew of ladies, who can't get enough of him. Judging from this 'Aw Naw' video, there's nowhere Young would rather be than at the center of attention -- with women vying for his attention. And that's what he gets.

Several of the shots involve sparklers, which is perfect timing for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, and they add a little extra sizzle to the already flirty short film. The theme of the 'Aw Naw' video is clear: why pick one girl if you can have two? Or ten? From the goofy grin on Young's face, you can see he's enjoying himself.

All of Young's real-life gas station breaks probably won't include what the video portrays, but one can dream, right?

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