Chris Young is a pretty easygoing kind of guy, most of the time -- unless he catches a man beating up a woman. At his concert in Ruston, La. on Thursday night, the 'Tomorrow' hitmaker witnessed a male concertgoer shove a female concertgoer and he angrily decided to have him thrown out of the show.

Young was in the middle of performing his song 'Gettin' You Home' when he witnessed the incident from the Rabb's Steakhouse stage and shouted for the sound guy to stop the music and turn on the lights. "Hey a--clown that just pushed a lady in the face, get the f--- out of my show!" he yelled into the mic, motioning for security guards to pull the man out, which they did promptly.

Following his set, Young tweeted, "Awesome show tonight!!! Thanks guys! Also, sorry for swearing and kicking someone out, but a dude pushing a girl in the face is not cool." Miranda Lambert caught wind of what happened through the social media outlet, and like the spitfire country starlet that she is, commended Young for doing the right thing. She tweeted back, "that's awesome! Love u 4 it."

Young, clearly still worked up about the incident, responded again, this time directly to the 'White Liar' singer, saying, "It was ridiculous. A guy wants to fight a guy that's one thing. But you don't hit a woman."

The singer will continue his tour run Friday night at the legendary Texas Hall of Fame in Bryan, Texas. From there, he'll wrap shows in Mississippi and back to Louisiana before taking a few weeks off, presumably for the holidays. We hope he doesn't encounter any more abuse out on the road!

Watch Chris Young Kick Out a Violent Concertgoer in Louisiana