In today's instant media, digital age, things can get misconstrued -- and quick. Take the case of 'Stealing Cinderella' singer Chuck Wicks. Wicks' new single, 'Old School,' is currently getting lots of airplay and even his mom, Debbie Wicks, heard it on a local radio station WQYK early one morning.

When she was driving home, she was listening to the same station and heard the DJs say, "We played Chuck's song. We got some requests, but it's just God awful." The on-air talent also joked that they got seven requests for the song, with six of them coming from Chuck's number and the seventh was from his mom.

Mama Wicks was so displeased about her son's song being panned by the DJs, she posted a response about it on her Facebook page. Turns out, though, it wasn't Chuck Wicks' song being teased. It was a parody song that a station producer, also named Chuck, had done!

Both Chuck and Debbie Wicks went on air to clarify the confusion, with Chuck saying, "I am proud of you. You take care of your son. You can't make mama bear mad." Debbie was good-natured about the whole event and called off the dogs, but not before requesting the station play 'Old School' before hanging up!