Chuck Wicks and girlfriend Kasi Rosa Williams are getting married. The singer and radio host proposed in Canada on Thursday night (March 7), and through tears and snowflakes she said "yes."

Williams is Jason Aldean's younger sister. The pair have been dating since at least last June, which is when they started sharing pictures of each other on social media. Wicks confirmed the news in August with Aldean quickly giving his blessing.

"The one thing I told my sister when I found out they were kind of talking," Aldean recalls (quote via the Ty, Kelly & Chuck podcast from Aug. 13), "I was like, 'I'll be honest, there's a lot of people in Nashville I would be completely against you dating, but I don't have anything bad to say about Chuck."

A pair of Instagram videos show how the moment went down. Both tag the Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. There's heavy snow on the ground as they first take a horse-drawn carriage ride and then find themselves alone between trees, with a camera running on a tripod. Williams doesn't seem to know what's happening until Wicks starts to take a knee and she starts to quiver. It's difficult to hear what they say other than "Oh my God!" but everything ends well. Wicks confirms they are engaged in his caption saying, "I’ve waited forever for you and now I will forever be yours."

Wicks scored Top 40 hits between 2007 and 2009, most notably "Stealing Cinderella" and is now a co-host on the Ty Bentil Show. He's never been married but was in a high profile relationship with Julianne Hough a decade ago. Williams was previously married to Bill Morstad. Fox News reports she was step mom to his children from a previous relationship.

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