Clare Dunn is shining a spotlight on heartbreak in her new song, "How It Comes Off." It's the first song from her forthcoming EP, In This Kind of Light.

“How It Comes Off” tells a heartbreaking tale of feeling left behind by a love Dunn thought was hers. She's wondering if she’s imagining things or if the red flags are signs to call it quits.

"This is a song about the start of the end of a relationship," Dunn shares. "I wrote several songs about this ending while going through it. "How It Comes Off" is the beginning of that."

Dunn co-wrote her new song with Driver Williams (who has previously worked with Eric Church, Jon Pardi, and Jason Aldean) and Mike Walker (who released the popular single “Honey Do” in 2001). It's one of many that the artist wrote as she spent time on the Colorado farm and ranch that was her childhood home, after moving back due to the COVID-19 pandemic; she'd come to Colorado from Nashville to an accept an award, and when the country began to shut down in early 2020, she decided to stay.

“There’s no need for me to be stuck in the city," Dunn told Colorado Springs Gazette, "when I would rather be in the country anyway."

In addition to showcasing her songwriting skills, Dunn's new EP was a chance for her to try her hand at some of the more behind-the-scenes elements of the music process. She produced all five songs herself.

The In This Kind of Light EP is due out on Aug. 13. Full details are below.

Clare Dunn In This Kind of Light
Big Yellow Dog Music

Clare Dunn, In This Kind of Light EP Tracklist:

1. "Holding Out for a Cowboy" (writers: Clare Dunn, Whitney Phillips)
2. "Good Love Bad" (writers: Clare Dunn, Driver Williams, Mike Walker)
3. "How It Comes Off" (writers: Clare Dunn, Driver Williams, Mike Walker)
4. "Fool Moon" (writers: Clare Dunn, Driver Williams, Neil Mason)
5. "Lonely Alone" (writers: Clare Dunn, Karyn Rochelle)

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