Clare Dunn isn’t impressed by a man dressed to the nines. She'd rather see her guy in boots and a white T-shirt, as she explains in the "Tuxedo" video.

The singer-songwriter takes us on a tour of the farm in the clip, showing off her handsome farmhand, who's shown getting the day's work done in exactly the ensemble she describes.

Dunn proclaims that pomp and circumstance aren’t really her thing, and she finds it sexy when her guy comes in straight from working on the land all day. After some time admiring him from afar, Dunn and the object of her affection soon stroll through the farm together, riding horses and cozying up in the barn. The artist also shows off her country-rock edge playing electric guitar in the barn solo in between romantic scenes, delivering the song with conviction.

“Tuxedo” is the third single off Dunn’s debut self-titled EP, following her singles “The Cowboy Side of You” and “Move On.” She says it’s about the ideal man.

“This song is about my dream guy and what, you know, I envision him to be or whatever — what I hope he is,” Dunn describes. “It came from being a farm girl in southeast Colorado. I grew up watching and admiring and dating farm boys and cowboys.”

Even if a woman isn’t a fan of farm life, though, she says the song still applies.

"No matter what you do, whether you work in a factory, you work on Wall Street ... if you’re that hardworking guy who’s got that strength of character that all we girls are looking for. You work hard for the woman you love and the woman you love admires it,” she adds.

Dunn’s EP is available on iTunes now.

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