One of the things that makes the CMT Music Awards stand out among awards shows is that it's fan-voted. After the nominees list comes out, the contenders in each category are whittled down to one final winner by the people that know best: Their listeners.

But that doesn't mean that the show is immune to a blunder now and again. Just like any other awards show, the CMT Music Awards have had their fair share of missteps over the years. Sometimes, that means a deserving up-and-comer gets passed over in favor of another breakthrough act — but in hindsight, the losing song becomes an even bigger smash hit. Other times, it's about a tough call between multiple superstar nominees, and there's no real right answer about who the best one is. And in other cases, a bigger hit wins the day, even though the trophy should truly have gone to the song with the most innovative engaging music video — it is the CMT Music Awards, after all!

In the gallery below, Taste of Country counts down our picks for the 10 most glaring errors in CMT Music Awards history. You'll find all of the above scenarios and more on this list, but the No. 1 pick for the time the awards show got it wrong isn't about a time an artist was nominated and lost — it's actually about an artist who got his very first trophy years after he should have been picking up wins at this awards show.

Read on for our thoughts on the biggest snubs in CMT Music Awards history, and let us know what we missed in the comments section.

10 Times The CMT Music Awards Got it Wrong

No awards show gets it right 100 percent of the time, and the CMT Music Awards is no different. Here's Taste of Country's list of the top 10 times that this fan-voted awards show got it wrong.

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