Cole Swindell turned to his YouTube page to remind us all that we shouldn't miss out on possible connections, but it turned weird fast.

Swindell started the show to promote his current single, "Love You Too Late." In the episode above, he goes online and reads from missed connections forums where people post about having wanted to connect with someone, but missing out on the opportunity to meet each other.

Swindell reads a story of a purse-snatching thief who took the bag of a woman he actually thought was beautiful. "I've done many a snatch and grab but nobody has stuck in my mind like you," Swindell reads while laughing at the post.

He goes on to say that the criminal was "too shy" to get the name of his latest victim, but he later found out her name because of her driver's license in her wallet. The purse thief goes on to ask if Jennifer wants to get a drink with him. The thief adds that he did spend all of her money and his roommate took all of her tampons.

Swindell erupted into laughter after reading the last line. "If it works out, I'll totally buy you some new ones," he read. He ended by reminding fans not to love someone too late.

This summer Swindell will be hitting the road with Luke Bryan on his Sunset Repeat Tour along with support from  Jon Langston. Tickets are on sale now, and the tour kicks off in May and continues through September.

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