Cole Swindell shares the story behind one of the most anticipated tracks from his self-titled debut album, in stores now. How can you not look forward to a track called 'Brought to You by Beer'? Watch an acoustic performance of the new song before hearing the singer explain how his college days inspired the cut. 

'Brought to You by Beer' is a simple concept -- Swindell wanted a clever way to title his party song. "You hear all these advertisements, 'Brought to you by this, brought to you by that,'" he says in the video below. "So I thought it'd be cool to write a song called 'Brought to You by Beer.'"

His college years at Georgia Southern inspired the good times referenced in the track's lyrics. One senses the Sigma Chi fraternity brother has found himself saying and doing all the things he talks about. He comes away from the experience with a big grin, and potentially a hit song.

Watch Cole Swindell Talk About 'Brought to You by Beer'