Luke Bryan's final Spring Break party is this week, and you'd better believe the Country Quickie is there! Okay, that's not technically true, but host Nicki D proves pretending is just as much fun during this week's Luke Bryan-themed episode of the hottest country news wrap-up show on YouTube.

Bryan's last party at Spinnaker Beach Club in Panama City coincides with the release of his new Spring Break ... Checkin' Out EP. The five songs tie a nice bow on what's been nearly a decade of fun and memories at the party destination in Florida. "Spring Breakdown" is a poignant tribute to the fans that turned the shows into something tens of thousands enjoy yearly. But that's not the only song Nicki D loves.

Watch to live Spring Break vicariously through the Country Quickie. It gets a little wild — tattoos, mystery drinks and random make-out sessions. Hey, it's all part of a good time. When you're done, be sure to subscribe to the Taste of Country YouTube channel, and then check out pics of Bryan and more as kids!

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