Luke Bryan’s final Spring Break album Spring Break … Checkin’ Out isn’t as much of a party album as it is a nostalgic look back at past beach parties. “Checkin’ Out” is the one pure, in-the-moment song. Bryan fills in the rest of the EP with memories of love and one direct message to fans.

Fans can find a full-length version of the album that marries the five new songs with the six found on last year’s Spring Break ... Like We Ain't Ever album. This spotlight focuses on the new material, songs like “My Ol’ Bronco” and “Games.” The first is the song you’re expecting, while the second is a sexy, mid-tempo, forbidden-love song.

Yeah I can’t tell if I’m winning or losing / Somebody tell me what are we doing / Nobody ever comes out on top / Tell me are we ever gonna stop playing these games,” Bryan sings during the chorus before mellowing out into the verse.

“You and the Beach” is another (even slower) lover before the soulful, funky “Checkin’ Out.” “Checkin’ in to a good time / Checkin’ out all the so fine,” Bryan sings. “Goodbye to the real world / Hey hey little shot girl … That’s what this week’s all about / Checkin’ in.

Finally, “Spring Breakdown” caps the EP with a nearly four-minute-long thank you to fans. The play on words is a little corny, but all six of his Spring Break projects showed a willingness to draw on well-known metaphors or phrases.

I remember when we started this week-long party / And to think that it’s over / It makes me wanna spring breakdown,” he sings.

After his final two Spring Break shows, Bryan will prepare for the 2015 Kick the Dust Up tour. His summer run of arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters begins May 8 in Grand Forks, N.D.

Why Fans Will Love It: Spring Break ... Checkin' Out ties the series up in a neat little bow with "Spring Breakdown," a poignant goodbye to anyone who's joined him on the beach.

Key Tracks: "Checkin' Out," "Spring Breakdown"

Did You Know?: This is Bryan's final Spring Break album, released just before his final Spring Break shows at Spinnaker Beach Club in Panama City, Fla.

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