One of the things that makes country music so unique is that much of its most well known talent spent most of their early life herding cattle and tilling earth on a farm. It's the trademark of country life, after all -- worrying about rain, timing the harvest just right and, of course, making sure that big green tractor's always up and running. So in honor of some of our favorite country stars who got their start living on the range, here are Taste of Country's top down on the farm songs!

From Alabama to Sawyer Brown to George Strait, the top country farm songs are full of respect for the tough men and women who dedicate their lives to honest work. Charlie Allen and Jason Aldean pay homage to hard work and perseverance that farmers instill in generations to come, while Craig Morgan and Kenny Chesney honor their trusty tractors. Rodney Atkins is busy falling in love with the farmer's daughter, and Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw? Well, they're just looking for some good whiskey and a down-home tailgate party.

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    'International Harvester'

    Craig Morgan

    Lots of folks sing about the merits of John Deere, but Craig Morgan prefers his 'International Harvester.' This 2006 hit reflects the never-back-down nature of American farmers who are too busy working hard to care about who might be stuck behind them on the road. Morgan and his third-generation farmer buddies are going to chug along on their "p-p-p-p-plower," and all those city folk are just going to have to deal with it. The legacy of farming is long and important, and in 'International Harvester,' Morgan won't let fans forget it!

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    'American Farmer'

    Charlie Allen

    Charlie Allen may not be a household name (yet), but 'American Farmer' is song that will hit at the heart of every household -- and farmland. "There's new ways of harvesting / Same crops bigger machines," sings Allen, who knows that while technology may advance, calloused hands will always be the major tool for a farmer. "Working hard is an everyday thing / That's the way it will always be," he furthers. As long as there's earth that needs tilling and cattle that needs herding, Allen knows that farmers will always be there, and he shows his appreciation in 'American Farmer.'

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    'Farmer's Daughter'

    Rodney Atkins

    Sometimes, the sweetest love stories happen on the farm. In 'Farmer's Daughter,' Rodney Atkins proves that you can still fall in love even when you're "haulin' hay and feedin' the hogs." What starts out as a summer job ends in true love and marriage -- even a farm of his own! 'Farmer's Daughter' just goes to show: when you feel like quitting, hold on a little bit longer -- you never know when your true love might walk right in!

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    'The Dirt Road'

    Sawyer Brown

    In 'The Dirt Road,' Sawyer Brown encourage fans to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city and return to sweet, straightforward, hard-working life on the farm. "When it's said and done the time we have is borrowed," the song goes, reminding listeners to make the most of their life. "You better make real sure you're headed the right way." Some people try out the city life for a while, only to return to the life they know (and love) on the farm, and this song is for them -- the ones who will take the dirt road all the way home.

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    'Song of the South'


    "We're Americans and America's had a lot of hardships, but we're gonna fight this through," says a local farmer in the opening clip of Alabama's 1988 hit 'Song of the South.' And it's the perfect start to a song praising the perseverance of those tough men and women who live and work on a farm. Farming life may not be glamorous, but that doesn't stop the people who are dedicated to it. Whether they're tilling the earth or uprooted to the city, farmers will always "fight this through," and 'Song of the South' pays tribute to that in a powerful way.

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    'Down on the Farm'

    Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw's 1994 hit 'Down on the Farm' isn't just about living on the farm, it's about getting down on the farm. According to McGraw, country boys and girls don't need fancy cars and expensive bars. "Got old Hank cranking way up loud / Got coolers in the back / Tailgates down," he sings, proving that the best fun happens right off dirt roads and beside country creeks. "There's a big fire burnin' but don't be alarmed / It's just country boys and girls gettin' down on the farm." Farmers work hard -- but they play hard, too.

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    'Amarillo Sky'

    Jason Aldean

    Another song about the perseverance of farmers, Jason Aldean's 'Amarillo Sky' is a tribute to the men and women who refuse to quit, even when the price of diesel is almost as high as the burning summer sun. Like 'Song of the South,' Aldean's 2005 single includes clips of real-life people, but this time it's the soon-to-be farmers that are highlighted -- the teenage boys who will take over the land that has been in their families for generations. 'Amarillo Sky' is a "thank you" of sorts to all those dedicated farmers who never complain, never ask why and always send up another prayer, saying, "Please don't let my dreams run dry / Underneath, underneath this Amarillo sky."

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    'Rain Is a Good Thing'

    Luke Bryan

    If there's one thing farmers need more than anything, it's rain. When those storm clouds roll in, it's cause for celebration, and in 'Rain Is a Good Thing,' Luke Bryan loves the rain for more reasons than the way it grows up the corn and raises the creek. "Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey / Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky," sings the star, praising those sweet wet drops for his favorite drink -- and his favorite girl. True to Bryan's cheeky nature, 'Rain Is a Good Thing' is fun and will get every country girl's hips shakin'.

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    George Strait

    George Strait may have traveled all over the world as the King of Country, but the farm is where his heart is. Released in 1992, 'Heartland' is Strait's homage to honest work and honest men. "Sing about the way a good man works until the daylight's gone," he croons in the chorus, "Sing the rain on the roof on a summer night / Where they still know wrong from right / Sing a song about the heartland / Sing a song about my life." For anyone who grew up on a farm or in the country, this song is your anthem.

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    'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy'

    Kenny Chesney

    As evidenced in our list of the best down on the farm songs, there are lots of great tunes about tractors, but Kenny Chesney's 'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy' is arguably the biggest about that quintessential farm vehicle. Chesney's playful, fun-loving song gets the No. 1 spot because it's just a darn good time. Not only does Chesney pay tribute to the tractor, but to all of life down on the farm. From fried chicken to sweet tea and even to the inevitable farmer's tan, Chesney and his girl love everything about the country life -- and fans do, too.

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