Craig Campbell's newest single, "Outskirts of Heaven," is his how he envisions Heaven. The singer further explained how he pictures those pearly white gates during a stop by our Taste of Country Nights studio.

Campbell got a strong response to "Outskirts of Heaven" when he first let fans hear it, so picking it as his next single was a no-brainer. It was written based on his idea of Heaven, and it resonates with many.

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“Well, it was an idea that I just had. I was kind of just sitting around the house and thought about heaven," he explains. "I grew up a strong Southern Baptist home and I don’t pretend to know everything about the bible, but I do know that in the Book of Revelations they say that Heaven is paved with gold and pearly gates and these big mansions and bright lights.”

His idea of Heaven is that it's a "big city," but that doesn't really suit Campbell, who's a country boy.

“I can’t imagine living downtown Heaven because I’m not a city boy," he insists, adding that he hopes the Lord knows him well enough to save him "a few acres."

Campbell kept the theme going in a recent video he made, in which he asks a handful of kids to explain their idea of Heaven. The answers are the sweetest thing you'll ever see. Watch the adorable video and check out the single on iTunes.

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