If you want pure belief and an honest answer, children are the best people to ask. Craig Campbell knew this when he made this new video in conjunction with the release of his single "Outskirts of Heaven," so he asked a handful of kids what they think heaven will be like. The answers range from profound, to endearing to just plain heartwarming, as the kids describe the scene as they see it.

Cloud houses, pearly gates, country landscape and, of course, a lot of toys are featured prominently in the depictions, characterizing the setting as “magical” and lacking any bad thing.

“Everything’s going to be right, like there’s no bad guys, or war,” one little girl assures.

“I think it’s gonna be like the most perfect place in the universe because God’s there and he won’t let there be anything bad, on like earth where there’s all these bad things here,” another boy adds toward the end.

Campbell also asked the kids who they want to be in heaven with them, and many of the children answered that God and Jesus would of course be there, but they also want their family, friends and even pets to join them. One thing’s for certain: heaven will be great, the kids say.

“I think I'll just be free,” a girl declares sweetly.

The video coincides with Campbell’s single "Outskirts of Heaven," which describes the setup Campbell hopes to have when he reaches the gates. His low country twang rolls smoothly over the sentimental lyrics, which the artist cowrote with Dave Turnbull, reminiscing about the things his grandfather taught him about both the great outdoors and the Lord. He cleverly quips he’d take an old farmhouse over the mansion the Bible mentions, but concludes that God knows him and will know he needs "blue skies and green grass forever." The song is available now on iTunes.

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