We predict winners and outfits and even performances before the ACM Awards. We even like to predict what the host may joke about (probably not politics this year). But that's too easy. Prior to Sunday's show in Las Vegas we spent a day hour couple of minutes dreaming up things that should happen, and what would happen if the fans were in charge.

Remember: The best way to watch the ACM Awards is on TV, with ToC on your phone.

6. Reba McEntire will teach us all how to properly eat a corndog.

Standard thinking is Reba will wear the Colonel outfit, but that's like free advertising for KFC, which is not going to happen (plus it takes 8 hours to put all of Sanders' makeup). Let's dial down our inner-prognosticator and say she'll teach us how to dip her dog in mustard and enjoy it without getting a splotch on our couch gowns. We need this moment during our ACM Awards!

5. Justin Timberlake will make a surprise appearance! Hopefully? Maybe?

Fun fact: Justin Timberlake is performing just down the block on Sunday night (April 15). Yep, he's playing T-Mobile Arena, probably hitting the stage about 9 or 9:30PM local time. Keep in mind the ACM Awards begin at 5PM Las Vegas time — this is not an issue of logistics people! Right now it's not clear if his favorite country collaborator is even going to the ACMs, but with or without Chris Stapleton we'll say there's like a 50 percent chance this goes down.

4. Miranda Lambert's Female Vocalist of the Year Win streak will end in 2018.

Miranda Lambert has won this award eight straight times, with Carrie Underwood winning the three before that. Fun fact: only six different women have won this award in the last 20 years! We think Maren Morris has the best shot at becoming No. 7.

3. Carrie Underwood is going to perform "Cry Pretty" in a Phantom of the Opera mask.

The Washington Post ran a clever, if not too snarky timeline of Underwood's accident last fall and America's obsession with seeing her face in the months after. The singer has (intentionally or not) fueled our desire with several photos that shrouded her nose, mouth and chin. What is she really hiding? It all reached a fever pitch just before she released new music earlier this week. Underwood would win the night if she found a way to poke fun at it all with by doing something ridiculous to begin her performance.

2. Jason Aldean will make us all cry.

It could happen during the ACM Awards' opening tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, or it could happen as he accepts his third straight Entertainer of the Year award at the end of a long, emotional weekend. Jason Aldean is not an outwardly emotional guy, but hey? He just became a dad again, so who knows.

1. Walmart Boy will make his ACM Awards debut!

No need to give the kid a performance slot, but 30 seconds to present or as a way to interrupt the monotony that tends to slow an awards show would be brilliant. It's unlikely — first, it's a school night, and the kid's grandparents (who are his caretakers) do not seem like the type that are going to fly him to Las Vegas for a television broadcast, and second, his buzz is running out. But it'd be fun, wouldn't it? Maybe Kacey Musgraves can join him for a yodel.

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