What is it with contestants on 'The Voice' trying to impress coach Blake Shelton by going after songs that are incredibly close to his hillbilly heart? First, Angela Wolff tried to win him over by singing 'The House That Built Me' by his fiancée Miranda Lambert. Then, country boy Curtis Grimes tried to impress Shelton by boldly covering Shelton's 'Hillbilly Bone.' He even said that if Shelton didn't push his button, he would go over to his chair and push it himself. Grimes was certainly trying to win Shelton over, and he took a risk by performing one of the country superstar's own hits! That's what we call cojones.

While there is no questioning the fact that Grimes can sing country and can sing country well, his song choice was a bit off. Shelton, while likely flattered that Grimes chose to attempt his song, said that he didn't choose Grimes because he wasn't able to capture the element of cockiness that defines the song. Shelton sings the song with Trace Adkins, who is about as masculine and dude-like as it gets, and Grimes was bit too safe with his rendition.

"We're cocky guys, and while you have a great country voice, there needs to be a little bit of cockiness and anger when you perform it," Shelton said. He did have a point there.

Lack of cockiness aside, it didn't stop Cee Lo Green from going country and choosing Grimes. Shelton did admit that he couldn't wait to see what type of work Green and Grimes could do together. Neither can we.

Watch Curtis Grimes Sing 'Hillbilly Bone' on 'The Voice'