Dallas was a television force of nature, and the Ewing clan's lavish Southfork mansion served as a backdrop to many of the scenes over the years. But did you know the house shown in the credits of the show is not the real Southfork mansion? Read on to see inside the real-life house where many of those iconic scenes actually took place.

Dallas ran from 1978-1991 on CBS, chronicling the decades-old rivalry between two Texas oil families, the Ewings and the Barnes. The show launched as a five-part miniseries in 1978 and became a long-running series that was a hit all over the world.

According to the Dallas Morning News, real-life Dallas oilman Cloyce Box allowed the producers of the miniseries to use his imposing ranch in Frisco, Texas, for the exterior shots of Southfork, which established its visual presence in the credits. But he did not allow cameras inside, since he and his family actually lived there, and he didn't allow them to film any further after those initial five episodes.

Dallas initially shot its interior scenes of Southfork at another property entirely, a mansion located at 4800 Park Lane in Dallas. That property served as the backdrop to many now-classic scenes, and after the show became a worldwide hit, CBS paid to build sets in Los Angeles, taking up three stages on the MGM lot to recreate the massive abode inch by inch.

Those sets came down after the show ended, and when the cast of Dallas reunited in 1998 for a TV movie titled Dallas: War of the Ewings, producers had to write a $10,000 check to the owners' favorite charity to convince them to film at their home once again.

That family sold the Park Lane mansion in 2000, and the house, which dates back to 1939, underwent a significant update in 2003.

The 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom mansion comprises 10,210 square feet, and it sits on a 4.3 acre lot, according to Realtor.com. The original Southfork is currently on the market again, listed for $8,995,000. That breaks down to $881 per square foot, or $38,128 per month.

The listing for the iconic mansion touts "superior quality and detail, mahogany and limestone floors, Venetian plaster walls, intricate mouldings, 6 well-appointed living areas, 4 bedroom suites up, guest suite down. Detached fitness center-guest cottage. Breathtaking grounds, pool, tennis court, and outdoor spaces — all uniquely private and serene."

Elly Holder from Compass Real Estate in Dallas holds the listing on the luxury property.

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