Prior to stepping on the baseball field Saturday at the 22nd-annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge, David Nail was feeling pretty good about himself, as were his teammates, seeing how that the singer's passion and expertise for the sport might come in handy during the friendly charity game. Unfortunately, Nail earned himself a trip to the hospital during the competition.

The good news was that the singer's fellow players were right about his skills -- he gloved several balls, which resulted in getting many batters from the other team out. One impressive low line-drive in particular scored Nail the title of this year's MVP, but unfortunately the play also gave him something else... a trip to the emergency room at Vanderbilt Hospital for a minor fracture and a detached tendon.

"You put me in the game, and I only know one speed: hard," Nail told Taste of Country following his injury. "I only play all-out, and that’s what I was doing. I can’t believe I broke something doing it, but at least I got my out."

After getting his hand wrapped up at the hospital, Nail remained optimistic about being able to bounce back before too long. "I’ve got a really good neurosurgeon who will look at this next week, so I know I’ll be okay long term," said Nail. "Right now, I just know I played hard, got to see a lot of the people from around the country who’ve been there with us over the past few years, and, hopefully, made a few new believers along the way."

Nail's Twitter page and Facebook page were flooded with love and well wishes for the singer following the accident, as the news traveled fast thanks to the powers of social media.

"Thanks for the concern, this is a lesson to not play like you're 18 when you're 33," the 'Red Light' hitmaker tweeted Saturday afternoon. "Fingers crossed for no nerve damage, kinda need [this] finger!"

And for those wondering about the pain? "Imagine hitting your funny bone times 10 and it never goes away!" he shared.

Nail will go to his specialty hand doctor on Tuesday for further evaluation. We hope he gets to feeling better soon and congratulate him on his MVP title! It was certainly earned.