David Nail's life over the past couple of years has gone from 0-60, it seems. The star is finally being recognized for his many talents -- singing, songwriting and showmanship -- which have lead him to do some pretty cool things, truth be told.

Nail landed the slot of singing 'God Bless America' at the 2011 World Series game during the seventh inning stretch, but that's just one example of the job perks that he picks up on a daily basis. He does feel a bit of guilt, however, knowing that his wife misses out on doing some of the cool things he does. But Nail says he definitely makes it up to her.

"I’m a good husband because I get to do so many cool things that I feel guilty about it sometimes, so that guilt often translates into gifts for her," the 'Red Light' hitmaker tells Taste of Country. "I’m very content with my level of graciousness toward my wife. I think if anything, she should feel lucky to be with me [laughs]. I’m kidding. I’m very lucky, obviously. That’s so cliché, but it’s true."

Of course, with a little bit of newfound success comes a little more financial stability -- but don't expect Nail to get ahead of himself by making any large purchases, like a second bus, for example. "I don’t know if I will ever do that, just because I know how expensive they are," he says, bewildered at the thought of adding another bus to his touring entourage. "I like saving money, which is odd because I didn’t used to. Now I’ve got kind of paranoid about it."

Besides, his wife, Catherine, needs to stay grounded at home to take care of their two pups, Rainy -- named for his smash 'Let It Rain' -- and Charlie. The three girls in Nail's life will undoubtedly miss the singer quite a bit as he continues a hectic touring schedule, with dates booked solid through November.