The weight of David Nail’s new single ‘Kiss You Tonight’ will hit fans faster than the lead single from ‘I’m a Fire.’ The mid-tempo longing-for-love song is soaked in anguish. Nail has no trouble taking a story from another’s pen and making it very personal.

Much of Nail’s new album casts rays of sunshine, but ‘Kiss You Tonight’ is one of the few reminders of how good this singer is at despair. The strength is in David Cook, Jay Knowles and Trent Summar’s lyrics. It’s a case where singer and songwriter are a perfect fit.

“I catch myself wishing / You were whispering my name / Every star, every scar, every mark upon my heart / Up and fades away,” Nail sings to open the acoustic guitar-driven love letter to an ex. Soft piano and a raw electric guitar fill out Frank Liddell’s production, but it’s that steady strum that keeps the song interesting at a time when feel-good love songs fit better on the radio.

“We can make it to tomorrow / If we can find the morning light / Everything will be alright if I can kiss you tonight,” the 34-year-old adds to close each chorus.

‘Kiss You Tonight’ should become Nail’s biggest hit to date. It’s helped by the chart-topping ‘Whatever She’s Got,’ a song that turned heads his way early in 2014. Vocally, he holds back some -- this isn’t a pure vocal showcase. It’s a satisfying blend of a dozen high quality ingredients.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Kiss You Tonight' is a rare song that's easily accessible, yet still has great emotional depth. Nail's performance is sincere and personal.

Key Lyrics: "I’ve been trying to do without you / But I can’t give up this fight / Everything will be alright of I can kiss you tonight"

Did You Know?: You read that right. 'American Idol' Season 7 winner David Cook helped write 'Kiss You Tonight.' Cook performed the song at the Tin Roof in Nashville in May 2013.

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