David Nail's 'Whatever She's Got' video effectively demonstrates the power inherent in a hot chick. In one early scene, a beautiful blonde paints her toenails a lovely shade of red while her man sits there, holding her foot. Now, that's dedication.

The sun-splashed video, which features Nail performing on a rooftop, surrounded by some revelers cradling red solo cups and playing beer pong in addition to shooting hoops, is spliced with the plot footage of this relationship where the woman has totally enraptured her beloved thanks to her wiles and charms, as well as her natural beauty.

It's a summer-ready video, as the couple does warm weather stuff like crash a golf course. He teaches her to drive a classic car -- a GTO -- and she flashes that huge smile. While those are not exactly typical activities that the average couple engages it, the point is clear. When you're crazy in love, everything and anything is fun, especially mundane things.

There's also some product placement in the form of Fruttare bars, on which they snack.

If you've ever had a summer romance, the stuff that happens in this video feels just like that. The activity in the video doesn't quite match the lyrics, which tell the tale of a woman you just can't figure out. But it's still easy and breezy.

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