Devin Dawson proved the depth of his songwriting on his debut album, Dark Horse, and now he's working on something that will show the depth of his heart.

Sitting down with Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex, the  Taste of Country RISER shares that he's working on a new song called "The Sound of Leaving You" that paints how he feels each time he has to leave his girlfriend, Leah.

Dawson says writing such an intimate song has been a unique process, as he typically calls on others writers to help when he's putting a new song on paper. "I've been picking away at this one for the last couple months," he reveals. "Every time I get inspired or write a line or get a melody, that's not normal for me — I usually get together and co-write and we get a song in about 2-4 hours written. But this one was a personal story, so I'm trying to come at it when I can and not rush it. There's no rush to get it done."

Another interesting facet is how Dawson's synesthesia is incorporated. The newcomer has a condition in which one part of the body's sense is stimulated by another sense in the body, which allows Dawson to hear in color.

"When I hear a chord or harmony, I associate it with a certain color or couple colors together. It helps me figure out the right emotion that I need to match my lyrics to," he explains. "I wanted to describe the feeling of having to leave somebody every week and I describe it in colors because I'm hearing things. There's a line that's like, 'Even though I know I'm coming back / That doesn't make it any easier to pack.' It's going to be a special one."

Dawson has a jam-packed summer schedule and plenty of time to chip away at his song, as he's opening for Brett Eldredge on the 2018 the Long Way Tour through October.

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