If Devin Dawson has any anxiety about doing cover songs, it doesn't show during this artistic recreation of "She Burns," originally recorded by Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance.

Dawson and his two guitarists keep the spirit of the the original, but individually add unique garnishes to create a performance that's mesmerizing and dynamic. It's a convincing vocal performance, one that sheds any apprehension the first Taste of Country RISERS act of 2018 may have about cover songs in general.

“Covers for me," Dawson says, "are like when you go to the beach as a kid with your family for the first time and you’re like scared to get in the water because it’s cold or there might be sharks or something, and then like five minutes before you leave you go dip your toes in and are like, ‘I love this. This is awesome. We should stay!’ And your mom’s like, ‘No, I told you. You should have gone in in the beginning!’”

Vance is a favorite of pop superstar Ed Sheeran, and Dawson says he has tremendous respect for the unexpected chord progressions and lyrical perspectives this song offers. When choosing a cover, the "Asking for a Friend" singer prefers songs that are easy to fit into country music.

“This song … it’s got a sprinkling of country music or influence, whether he knows it or not,” Dawson points out. “Whether you’re talking about a country road or being tangled up with your girl in the bed or whatever, those are things that we use lyrically in country music.”

Turn up the volume to appreciate the guitar noodling that begins after the first chorus, and if you're just listening to this song for the first time, check out Vance's original music video, which stars actress Lucy Hale. Dawson was chosen as a RISER on the strength of his debut album Dark Horse and his Top 5 hit "All on Me."

Devin Dawson Is as Original! Proof: 

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