Smooth melodies and seductive guitar licks are a pretty good way to introduce yourself. Newcomer Devin Dawson's debut single "All on Me" isn't so much an announcement as an offering.

There's nothing demanding about the mid-tempo love song, which is why it's endearing. Dawson, a Belmont University grad originally from California, is comforting a girlfriend throughout the song, but doing so in poetic ways. His mix of guitar grooves, quick vocals and youth may land him in the pop-country category, but that's not really fair. His message is as pure as anything the legends have delivered over the decades.

Jack Johnson may be the easiest comparison to Dawson, but that only works for part of "All on Me." His confidence throughout the song is commendable, not only because playing the sensitive guy on a debut isn't always easy, but because few new artists truly know who they are. This 28-year-old does, and it has the industry buzzing.

Did You Know?: Dawson's social handles are @zdevin because growing up he convinced his classmates that's how you spell his name. The "z" is silent, he said, and created Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Devin Dawson's "All on Me" Lyrics:

Yeah I know that the rules and the weight of the world can get inside our minds / And be too much sometimes, I know / But baby don't let the noise and the ups and the downs from the roller coaster ride beat you up inside / Baby don't / If you ever feel that way, don't you hesitate.

You got my number you can call on me / If you're in trouble put the fall on me / When you're mad you can take it out on me / When it don't add up you can count on me / When you low come get high on me / Make it slow take your time on me / Say 'I need to let it out come lay on me' / When it gets heavy put the weight on me / Baby put it all on me / Put it all on me.

Wanna take you out on the town on my dime, anytime, tell me when you're free / We can do anything and everything you want / Oh wanna hear all your fears and your troubles, strip it down really get to know one another / When it's nobody but you and me, just us / Girl you know I'm here for you / You can lean on me anytime you need to.

Come on relax your mind on me / When you need a shoulder come cry on me / Baby you can bet your life on me / Put it all on me.

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