She has an adorable Australian accent, blonde locks and looks that would drive any man crazy, and she sings (and has a ridiculous vocal range at that). She also writes, used to race dirt bikes and can fix your car if it breaks down. Yes, Dianna Corcoran — or "Corky," as she's more commonly known — is real. And she's preparing to release her first-ever stateside album.

The Aussie country star — who has already garnered many awards, including two Australian Country Music Association Golden Guitar Awards — will debut In America in January. Releasing new music in a new country can be quite intimidating, but not for Corcoran.

"You’ve got to jump over the emotions of starting again. There are numerous country artists from Australia who have come over here and lasted about 6-12 months and gone back home ... I’ve embraced it," she explains. "I’m enjoying it. And it’s quite humbling for me, and I’m getting songs out of it."

The singer-songwriter co-wrote every tune on her 12-track collection, which has a pop-country feel. From the upbeat leadoff single, "God Did Good," to the raw and emotional "A Better Me" (it's actually an iPhone recording), there is something for every taste on In America.

"Although I’m a country artist, and I primarily write country, I do write pop on the side," Corcoran shares. She has traveled all across the globe for writing sessions, visiting Sweden, Germany and England. But she has always wanted to move to Nashville, so in 2011, she did.

Corcoran has loved country music for all of her life — while growing up, she listened to Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Jo Dee Messina. "I loved those particular artists because of the entire team that made their sound ... The fascinating thing about my interest in Nashville came from the productions of their music. I used to pull the liner notes to bits and read all of the musicians, the producers, the engineers."

Leading the way for Corcoran's self-produced In America project is the fun "God Did Good," co-written by Kristian Bush, Jeff Cohen and the singer herself — a group she calls "the dream team." The 36 year-old reveals, "I’ve written some of my best songs with Kristian. He gets me."

"'God Did Good' is all about putting together your perfect match and then finding that God has probably already done that for you," she says.

When asked if she considers herself assimilated into American culture after being here for four years now, Corcoran isn't certain. "Yes and no. Australians and Americans have a lot in common. We’re good mates ... I think that I’ll always be very Aussie. One thing that I didn’t lose and that is my accent, which I thought I would. I thought I would lose it very quickly because I tend to be one of those chameleon type people that go, 'Oh wow, you’re American. I’m becoming American now.'”

Although she hasn't played beer pong yet, the blonde bombshell has indeed enjoyed a drink out of a red Solo cup ("many drinks" she jokes), has Slip 'N Slide parties when the weather is warm and absolutely loves hot dogs. As in, she has her own hot dog toasting oven! Needless to say, she's settling in fine in her personal life, and it seems likely Dianna Corcoran's album will find a comfy home in American country music when it lands on Jan. 29. Preorder In America on iTunes here.

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