Steel Magnolia took to their official Facebook page this week to "clear up any confusion" about the future of the duo, but didn't quite answer the underlying question: did they break up?

Despite their possibly permanent hiatus, the pair made it clear that fans still have some great things to look forward to from Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey ... just not together. Steel Magnolia confirm that they will be doing solo projects in 2014.

"As you may have heard on the radio, we have decided to embark on solo projects this year!" they write. "We have had such an incredible ride thus far and are so grateful for the time we had together. We are both so excited about this new chapter and we hope that you will continue on this journey with us. We fully support one another's new projects and hope you will too!"

Jones has already announced his debut solo album, 'The Healing.' It's an appropriate title after a few hard years for the duo, including his own time in rehab, a broken engagement and the loss of a record deal. But from the positive tone of their latest post, it sounds like Jones and Linsey are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel -- and are passing through it into a new and exciting journey.

"You are the reason for Steel Magnolia's success ... and we cannot thank you enough!" the duo further, speaking to their fans. "We really appreciate and love each and every one of you! We know we wouldn't be able to embark on these new projects without your support."

Whether they will reunite in the future or not, Jones and Linsey will continue their country music careers -- only individually.

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