Both Luke Byran and Dolly Parton made special guest appearances on Monday night's episode of 'The Bachelorette,' while the star of the show Emily Maynard went on two separate dates with her different love interests.

Maynard's date with Chris took place in the heart of downtown Charlotte, N.C., where the two moseyed onto an empty lot. There, Bryan took the stage to sing his current hit single, 'Drunk on You.' As fans gathered on the sidelines watching both the singer and the romantic pair dancing in front of the stage, Emily and Chris' first date got very comfortable very fast. As the tune came to an end, Chris asked Emily if he could give her a kiss, and they locked lips while those in attendance watched in awe.

Bryan continued to perform for the couple, and began the intro to 'Do I' on the piano before swinging into the No. 1 hit with his full band. Midway through the song, all of the fans gathered around the stage flooded around the stage for the song's end.

The Bryan concert wasn't the only country-themed date Maynard had on Monday night's show, however. She and Arie also went on their first date -- this one geared around Parton's Dollywood theme park. After riding roller-coasters and playing games, the two decided to check out the theater where Parton performs when she is on location. As they made their way to the stage, they found two microphones, a pen and a piece of paper where they were instructed to write a love song about their feelings toward each other. As they sat perched on the edge of the stage pondering their lyrics, the curtains opened to reveal Parton in the flesh, standing at a microphone with her guitar.

Parton serenaded the couple with a special song she wrote just for them titled 'Love Will Find a Way.' She then had a little "girl talk" with Maynard, where she asked the Bachelorette what it is exactly she is looking for in a guy. Arie came back after the girls finished talking so Parton could sing them one more song, 'From Here to the Moon and Back' -- which Parton wrote about her own husband who she has been with for 47 years.

Both dates were a success, as both Arie and Chris received roses from Emily Maynard allowing them to stick around another week.

Watch Luke Bryan Perform 'Drunk on You' on 'The Bachelorette'