Baton Rouge firefighter Dustin Watts sang the Garth Brooks hit 'She's Every Woman' at his 'American Idol' audition Thursday night (Jan. 24), winning his way to Hollywood with a mix of good looks and vocal chops.

The 27-year-old aspiring singer is a full-time firefighter with a lot of visual appeal -- when he walked into the audition room, Nicki Minaj asked, "You got a girlfriend?"

He gave a strong rendition of the Garth Brooks classic that didn't sound like Brooks, imbuing it with his own style.

"There's something special about you," Mariah Carey said.

Keith Urban agreed. "You've got a great style," he added. "You've got confidence."

Nicki Minaj was also impressed, stating, "I think you did it with ease, and to me, you look like a country star."

Watts won his way to the next round in Hollywood with four unanimous yes votes from all of the judges.

Watch Dustin Watts Sing Garth Brooks' 'She's Every Woman'