Dylan Marlowe's small-town breakup song "Goodbye Gets Around" strikes at the center of that feeling of desperation when a girl or guy leaves you. He can't get away from his ex in this new music video, premiered exclusively on Taste of Country.

The country newcomer says this new track's lyrics are inspired by his personal life.

"I want everything that I do to be authentic and to hit home with my listeners, and I’m pretty positive that anybody who has broken up in a small town has seen this in some way," he shares.

The Statesboro, Ga., native was heavily involved in creating a video that finds news of the young couple's breakup plastered all around town. He finds her — and her new man — waiting for him everywhere he goes to hide. Memories of her beauty even taint his farm, a quasi-hiding place for much of the video.

Joe Fox and Lauren McLamb helped Marlowe write "Goodbye Gets Around," his follow-up to "All About It" and his viral cover of Olivia Rodrigo's "Driver's License."

"At the time I didn’t know Joe would become my producer, but funny how things work out," Marlowe says.

"When we filmed the video, I wanted to have a different take on the song, so we took a bunch of things like newspapers, menus ... things you would see every day and turned them into billboards announcing the breakup, because that’s how it felt for me," he shares, adding that he hopes the song and video can impact someone going through something similar in a positive way. The chorus goes:

"Goodbye gets around in this two-light town / All them boys are buyin' rounds 'cause they know you ain't with me / And hell yeah, it hurts 'cause I ain't said a word / But it's like everybody's heard 'bout us and it ain't been a week / But I guess that's the thing about these stompin' grounds / When a girl like you goes, goodbye gets around."

Marlowe signed a publishing and development deal with Dallas Davidson's Play It Again Music in April of 2020. He moved to Nashville one year earlier, after attending Georgia Southern University, Luke Bryan's alma mater.

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