Dylan Scott's 2017 keeps getting better and better. In addition to recently learning he'll soon become a first-time dad, the singer's current single "My Girl" has earned Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

"My Girl" is Scott's first single to receive such recognition. The singer-songwriter wrote the song about his wife, Blair, and all the little things he sees in her that others don't. In an interview earlier this year with Taste of Country, the singer shared how the song came to be.

“My wife and I, we were dating at the time,” he tells Taste of Country over the phone from the studio about the inspiration behind "My Girl."

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"We were doing long distance. She was living in Louisiana and I was in Tennessee. I was going to visit her, and we were riding around, and an Eminem song came on the radio. The song was ‘Lose Yourself,’ and she kind of lost herself. She started rapping and dancing in the passenger seat. And I’m driving — trying to drive. Here I was, this 21-year-old kid with my girlfriend just rapping and dancing.”

As soon as he got back to Nashville he told his friend Josh Kerr about the experience, and the two sat down to write the song. While at first he remembers it being difficult to put all his thoughts together, they eventually decided to call it “My Girl” and write about all the things that he sees in Blair that nobody else does.

“Everything’s really personal about the song. It’s mine and my wife’s life, basically. It’s a real special song,” he adds. “It’s taken on new meaning now because it’s a song that’s blowing up for us and changing my life.”

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