Granger Smith is a gun owner and Second Amendment supporter, but he's the light beer version of his alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Once again fans can look forward to a new Dibbles song on a new Smith album.

When the Good Guys Win includes the song "Don't Tread On Me," an Earl Dibbles Jr. instant classic along the lines of "The Country Boy Song," "Merica" and "City Boy Stuck." Smith says the loosely assembled country-rocker about gun and land rights might be the country boy's best.

"You can’t dig too deep because if you dig too deep, then you’re just gonna get dirty," Smith warns while admitting that there is a little piece of his message buried inside Dibbles.

"The Second Amendment thing, he just goes crazy with the Second Amendment," he adds, seated on a love seat at the Taste of Country studio. "And you know I am a gun owner and a concealed handgun owner, but I don’t walk around preaching it every day, but Earl can. That’s kind of his thing. I love that about Earl."

Earl, Smith says, can get away with a country song that's not as refined as most an artist would put on his ninth studio album (second on Wheelhouse Records). If the second verse doesn't make sense? "Well you just put it out there because it's Earl," Smith says. "And that makes it really fun."

In some arenas (like Twitter) Dibbles is more popular than Smith, and that's curious because Smith once told ToC that Earl doesn't even have a phone. There's a lot we don't know about the overall-wearing naturalist. Did you know he has a son? Yep, Smith says little Earl may soon be making an appearance in a future video. The "Happens Like That" singer's own kids like to impersonate the character. Maybe that's just coincidence.

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