George Strait's campaign for 2014 ACM Entertainer of the Year asks fans to make him the Entertainer of a Lifetime. It's a deviation from most campaigns for fan-voted awards that list everything an artist has accomplished in that year. Taste of Country writer Billy Dukes argues that Strait may be the only person capable of doing this.

The King of Country defies the seven-year cycle theory of country music. Typically, fans and the industry grow tired of a superstar, so their major awards come in bunches, despite releasing equally quality material for years after their peak.

Before last year, only one of Strait's singles failed to go Top 20. That's one in 30 years! There's no precedent that's being trampled by considering legacy when voting, because no one has the legacy of this Country Music Hall of Famer. Watch the video and if you disagree, explain why in the comments section below.