Singing, dancing, or just babbling... it's all adorable when a one-year-old is the star. This country cowboy-in-the-making loves him some Eric Church, especially the latest single from the singer's 'Chief' album. 'Creepin'' is playing throughout this clip, which the youngster fully appreciates, even attempting to sing along from his (awesome) woodland crib.

It seems like the diaper-clad boy is pretty much ready for his first Eric Church concert, having learned all the words. OK, we can't tell for sure that he's actually got the lyrics down, as we don't speak baby, but what else would he be doing? He's bouncing along, joining in at the chorus, and generally just having a blast being able to stand and express himself. But he'll soon need a pair of dark sunglasses -- and maybe a knit hat -- if he really wants to complete the look.