Typically when stars want to go incognito in public, they slip on a pair of dark sunglasses and pull a ball cap over their brow. However, when that is your signature look -- like in Eric Church's case -- such a disguise is not really an option.

So what's his trick to laying low when he's off the road and has errands to run? "A lot of times I'll wear eye glasses when I don't wear my contacts, so I'll put my eye glasses on and not wear a hat," Church tells Taste of Country with a grin. "I think I can go to my own show ... sit there and watch and just hang out until it's time to play, and then go around and change because nobody would know me, especially when I shave. We just went to the beach, and I was clean shaven before we went down there, and I wore my eye glasses the whole time. Nobody knew who I was."

And he means nobody! "My son didn't even recognize me for a day or two!" laughs Church. "It's cool for me to still be able to do the things that we do, by not wearing the hat and shades. But when the hat and shades come on, I can't go anywhere. That is remarkable to me, because everybody wears hats and shades. It's almost like a 'Where's Waldo' kind of a thing. It's amazing how people can pick me out."

Chances are, Church will be rockin' his ball cap and shades a lot for the remainder of the year, seeing how he just launched the fall leg of his Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour. Click here for a full list of dates where the trek will be stopping.