Eric Church surprised fans on Nov. 4 with the impromptu release of a new album titled Mr. Misunderstood, the title track of which he debuted with a CMA Awards performance. He also unveiled its new music video, a sentimental look at what it’s like to feel left out and alone as a kid.

Church begins the video in an old school room, picking an acoustic as he sings the lyrics, describing the odd man out, who he also happened to be growing up. He notes high top sneakers and listening to vinyl as the kid he’s singing to sits in the back of the room alone. The chorus comes around, and Church says some encouraging words about the good things that will happen one day when people will appreciate him — especially the ladies.

The song kicks into high gear, and Church’s band appears behind him as they launch into the second verse and Church recalls a time when a girl who was “hotter than the devil’s Hell” liked him for who he was, but her dad had a different opinion. The rest of the song tells the story of Church’s journey to becoming the musician he is now, with the young star of the video discovering guitar and learning to play in the background. As the tune slows down, Church adds another line after “Mr. Misunderstood” — “I understand." In the end, the kid is the one leading the band.

Check out the full video above to see Church’s heartfelt performance. The artist was nominated for five CMA Awards this year, including Entertainer of the Year. He and Keith Urban won the award for Musical Event of the Year with “Raise ‘Em Up."

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