Clark Gaines got a little help from Eric Church — or at least from one his songs — to pull off an epic marriage proposal for his girlfriend Kaytlin. After this awesome proposal, how could she say no?!

A video posted to YouTube by Gaines shares the story of just how he proposed to his high school sweetheart: "Kaytlin and I have been dating for nearly five and a half years ... Little did she know, I was videoing every moment and capturing every memory of our relationship and saving it for this proposal," he writes in the video's caption. "I took Kaytlin's family on a 'tour' of [the University of Georgia's] Sanford Stadium (GO DAWGS!), and I played this video on the Jumbotron before I took a knee."

Gaines' video is a mini-film of sorts, set to Church's big hit "Springsteen." The clip begins with footage of the couple at one of Church's concerts, seguing from the country superstar's live introduction of the song into the studio version, which soundtracks the montage of memories. Viewers watching via YouTube can see Kaytlin's reactions to the video, too.

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"The Chief always talks about the feeling you get when a melody and a memory connect, and says it's one of the most powerful things in the world," Gaines continues in his YouTube caption. "Every single time I hear this song, I am transported back into time, and I relive these very special memories with Kaytlin. Although I am musically impaired, and quite frankly cannot carry a tune in a bucket, I still sing this song to her all the time."

At the end of the video, Gaines gets down on one knee and proposes. Of course, Kaytlin said yes!

Gaines notes in his video description that he'd been working on his proposal video since his sophomore year at the University of Georgia, and that it was difficult keeping it a secret for so long. Judging by his now-fiancee's reaction, it was well worth it, though.

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