Eric Church recently announced that his fourth single from Mr. Misunderstood would be "Round Here Buzz." A song about a man stuck in his hometown as his ex goes off to chase her dreams, "Round Here Buzz" was co-written by Church, Jeff Hyde and Luke Dick and produced by Jay Joyce.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Church says he walked into the co-write with the chorus and the idea of where he was going on the first verse of the song.

“We changed it some and tweaked it some,” he says. “The song needed to just be played. I felt like it had been kinda written and had been boxed in a little bit with everybody saying, ‘It’s a hit song,' The soul of the song, to me, was just us playing it.”

While talking with the song's writers and producer on video, they begin to laugh as the recall how nervous Dick was when they kept tweaking the song.

"I think it's funny that Luke came by to make sure we weren't messing up the song," Church remembers with a laugh. "I fully feel like he left thinking we had messed up the song. [That look of] panic, it was more panic than concern."

"Round Here Buzz" follows Church's previous Top 10 single "Kill a Word." Fans can catch him performing it on his current headlining Holdin' My Own Tour, where Church plays for over three hours each night with no opening act.

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