The debut single from Eric Paslay is the cute but shy kid in class. It's not going to sweep you off your feet the first time you lay ears on it. No, 'Never Really Wanted' is built for the long run. It's a song you can fall in love with.

Paslay is a songwriter at heart. He's relatively new to Nashville, but has found success with Jake Owen's most recent hit, 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.' He carries a quiet confidence that carries through into his music. 'Never Really Wanted' is about ignoring the advances of someone until it's too late.

"All of the times that she tried to catch my eye / Now I hear that she's crushing on another guy / Why do we always want what we can't have," Paslay sings, leading into the chorus. "I never really wanted / Never really wanted that girl / I never really wanted / Wanted her in my world / I never really wanted that girl, but now I do."

The word "do" isn't delivered flat. He rolls it up and down, adding another memorable dimension to the story. The verses are quick and serve more as segues between choruses. Each one adds a little scenery, but Paslay doesn't pour it on thick like gravy. "Never noticed how / A woman's eyes can dance / From the outside in looks like they're dancing for him / Leaves me wondering, wondering." Much of this song's action is filled in by the listener. Good songs have a  way of doing that.

Listen to Eric Paslay, 'Never Really Wanted'