When 'American Idol' contestant Ethan Harris walked into the room in Detroit on Wednesday (Jan. 22), judge Harry Connick, Jr. immediately began teasing him for being an Osmond brother lookalike.

However, when he left, the judges were impressed by more than just his resemblance to the famous siblings.

Harris, wearing a white collared shirt, black vest and blue jeans, rocked a wavy mop of hair and boyish good looks. And he started off his Motor City audition not by singing, but by asking Keith Urban to autograph his guitar.

The singer brought his instrument over, showing the country star a picture he drew a few years ago after attending Urban's concert for the first time. After the autograph session and a few jokes by Connick involving pulling your pants down and sitting on a copying machine, judge Jennifer Lopez spoke up, putting a halt to the good-natured banter.

"What are you going to sing?" she asked.

Harris began strumming his guitar, boldly opting to deliver Urban's hit 'You'll Think of Me.' With his earnest facial expressions, clear and pure vocal tone and perfect pitch, the judges were swept off their feet -- well, their seats, at least.

"Cool, cool," said Connick. "You're one of those guys who, there's no difference in the sound of your voice to your speaking voice. I think that's cool."

"He's 20 years old. I was very surprised he could sing like that," Lopez added, offering a different take. She didn't lay off the compliments, adding, "I like your tone; I like the sound of your voice, especially when you get into those higher parts. There's something about it that's really, really pleasant."

Urban concentrated on giving an unbiased view of Harris' audition of his song. "It's always an honor that someone does a song of mine, of course," he told the hopeful. "I was touched by that. But then I have to separate that and give my feedback."

In the end, all three judges gave Ethan Harris their emphatic approval. "I dig you, man," said Connick, with Urban inputting, "I dug it too."

Lopez put the cherry on the top of the already exciting news, yelling, "I so dig you!" And with that, he was off to Hollywood.