Baking is an exact science. Add a little too much sugar or not enough butter and you've got a disaster on your hands. The same can be said for designing your own fragrance! Country singer Faith Hill and her husband of 15 years Tim McGraw are partners in marriage and parenting, and now they are linking up in the scent-crafting sphere. The duo created Soul2Soul, a his-and-her fragrance set to be launched in February of 2012.

Soul2Soul is neither Hill's nor McGraw's first foray into scent-making, but it's still an exciting process for Hill, and not just because she got to collaborate with her husband.

According to WWD, Hill said,"It's amazing how a scent can change depending on how much you add of one thing or another. There's a science to it, but it's really, truly almost like baking. The combination of things that make a beautiful scent are unique; not what you would expect sometimes. I think that's been the most surprising thing." Hill even revealed that the aura is infused with notes from the South, where the couple resides.

It was only a matter of time before the happily married first couple of country -- sorry, the throne is still theirs, Miranda and Blake -- created a set of matching fragrances. The couple that works together stays together.

McGraw said, "It's something we'd been thinking of doing since I started in fragrance with my first scent with Coty in August 2008. We always thought it would be cool and a natural progression."

Hill further commented on the process of crafting olfactory goodness with the father of her children, saying, "It's been a collaborative effort, for both of us, from the beginning. Individually, we have very specific things that we like and dislike, and we just started from that point."

Even the bottles that contain the fragrances mirror the couple and their personal aesthetics. "The bottles represent individually what we are -- one more feminine, one a little more masculine, much more masculine," Hill explained. "And the scents represented things that Tim and I love of the country we live in, especially of the South. There are specific things that are distinctive to this area, and it was important that those were included."