Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's love for one another has been pure and honest since day one. The country superstars wed over 15 years ago, but their love remains strong through a sometimes rocky business that can consume so much of your time.

"There's a built-in appreciation and respect between us because he understands what it takes to do what we do," Hill explains to People. "He's a brilliant song man, and I draw so much inspiration from his assertiveness. I tend to get overwhelmed by the enormity of things that are asked of me, and I've learned from my husband to slow yourself down and just take the pile down one by one. He goes bam, bam, bam, down a list and doesn't worry about details. I sometimes get obsessed with details!"

"I'm inspired by watching him as a father and husband," Hill continues, praising McGraw. "He keeps his family first and wants to experience all the phases with his girls. He wants to be there for their sports, to teach them to drive ... He loves being in their world. Tim inspires me every day in many, many ways."

And when it comes to their three daughters -- Gracie (14), Maggie (13) and Audrey (9) -- Hill says it's one of her greatest blessings in life.

"I feel lucky to be their mom," Hill says. "We try to have breakfast and dinner together every day. Everyone is laughing and telling stories about the day. I'm not saying we don't bicker and fight sometimes! We're a typical family, but through it all there's laughter."

Hill also credits Gracie, Maggie and Audrey for her work ethic and goals for the future. "I've always had a strong work ethic," she says, "but it's greater now because I know they're paying attention. It's important for my girls to see I'm a working mom ... that I had a dream and I'm still making it happen."

In addition to her new music that's on the way, Hill and her husband have been working on a side project together -- their new his-and-hers Soul2Soul fragrances.