Love is definitely in the air in the 30-second commercial for Soul2Soul, the new his-and-her fragrances from country's first couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Hill and McGraw proudly display their passion and love in this black and white clip, which celebrates two fragrances and one love story. Just in time for Valentine's Day, right?

With an instrumental version of Elvis Presley's 'Love Me Tender' playing gently in the background, there's intimate closeups of them dancing, with a barefoot Faith standing atop Tim's cowboy booted toes. They're holding hands, kissing, touching one another, snuggling, walking with their arms around one another and being genuinely affectionate throughout. They are completely and totally in love.

It's certainly an effective spot for the commercial. It imparts the message that if you wear Soul2Soul with your beloved, you'll experience this kind of love. Now you know what to buy that special someone on Valentine's Day.

It might elicit a groan from those who are cynical about romance. But if you are in love with love and the idea of love -- we know, that's a lot of loves -- you might find yourself watching this ad multiple times.

Watch Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Soul2Soul Commercial

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