Farewell Angelina know music means more to people than ever in times of turbulence, so when they write, the quartet aims to strike a deep chord. Nicole Witt, Lauren Lucas, Lisa Torres and Andrea Young say two songs, in particular, resonate deeper than the rest.

The first is the single, "If It Ain’t With You." It’s becoming a popular choice for a wedding song, and one fans connect with. "Whether we're playing for 50 people or in St. Joe we played for 15,000 this summer, there's always people in the field dancing," Lucas says.

The other is personal to each of the four members of the group. "American Fathers" is a song each member of the group relates to. They’re all daddy’s girls, Young says.

"Our fathers are very self-made, American men and we wanted to write a song about them and for them," she says. "It's not just for them, it's really for all of our American fathers."

Their approach is working. Fans are loyal and active, to the point that the group dominated Hot Seat voting to win a spot amongst the other Taste of Country RISERS. Their grassroots approach means freedom, a little more work and a lot more room to improvise. They each have their roles. Young keeps the group calm at times, while Lucas keeps everyone on task. Torres is in charge of packing gear and luggage into a very tight space. Hey, that’s important when you’re cruising in SUVs.

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"I think all of us are the leader of the band at some point or another," Lucas says. "We all have our strengths and our moments where we step up to the plate. It reminds me of two weeks ago -- and this is so typical of Nicole and me, like ten minutes before we're about to go onstage, we decide to change clothes and then it ruins everything we've planned about as a band."

"Because there’s four of us," Witt adds.

"Andrea stepped up and kept everything really positive," Lucas says, continuing, "because we were freaking out, and so like everyone has their little moments where they lead, and we need that for sure."

Look for new music from Farewell Angelina in 2017, and look for them on the road, including a stop at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo., on June 17.

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