Love them or hate them, one thing is for certain: the men of Florida Georgia Line are bros 'til the end. And Tyler Hubbard didn't think twice about defending Brian Kelley when a hater on Instagram told him to consider cutting BK from the duo.

It all started when one follower shelled out some unwanted advice to the FGL singer after he posted a picture of him and his fiancee in Dublin. The 'fan' told him he should drop his "backup singer" and "go solo." It was only minutes before Hubbard fired back, helped by some angry Florida Georgia Line fans.

Instagram: @thubbmusic

One fan asked for clarification: "What does that mean? Dump BK?" while another said, "I get so sick of haters on here!! Don't follow if your (sic) negative and have mean s--- to say."

Still, the hater then defended the comment, reiterating their belief that Hubbard is the only one in the group with real talent.

Instagram: @thubbmusic

Although the person didn't tag T. Hubb or BK, it doesn't mean the socially active Hubbard didn't see the comments. In fact, he was very quick to respond, coming to the defense of Florida representative Kelley.

Instagram: @thubbmusic

Hubbard let the Instagram user know that there would be no Florida Georgia Line without Kelley, even if Hubbard takes a lot of the lead vocals. The two harmonize and work together, and without both, the duo would never have been born.

Although we're not fans of the confrontation, it is heartwarming to see Hubbard stick up for his pal! See, "bro country" isn't a bad thing, after all.

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