Respected songwriter Charlie Robison may not have been looking to start a feud with country duo Florida Georgia Line, but his comments about country radio and a statement made by a top label executive were sure to draw a response.

After being name-checked by Robison in an early Saturday morning missive on Facebook, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley tweeted the following:

Robison's Facebook message was primarily aimed at Sony Music Nashville CEO Gary Overton, who told the Tennessean "If you're not on country radio, you don't exist." The article appeared on Feb. 22, and in the week that followed, several independent artists spoke up.

“My name is Aaron Watson. I’m not played on country radio. And I have the No. 1 record in country music this week. I do exist,” Aaron Watson told Saving Country Music in an article published on Wednesday (Feb. 25).

Robison's response to the Tennessean article was particularly critical of Overton and his statement:

I was signed by Warner bros, and Sony during the days I had the patience to smile while ignorant pencil pushing,mullet headed expense account rapists like you ran those labels ...
What I know about you is so sad. I spent so many years in Nashville watching you ignorant wastes of space sit behind your big desk and act like me and all the the Texas/Red dirt artists don't exist. Well Mr. "I have a job today but as soon as Florida/Georgia line goes out of style,and believe me dumbass they will,you will not exist".

The singer-songwriter went on to take several personal jabs at Overton, and in the end, promised his legacy will last longer than the Sony executives.

Added FGL on Sunday:

Robison kept the exchange active by saying, "How do you lose respect for someone who doesn't exist?" Florida Georgia Line did not respond.

It's not clear why Robison took aim at the duo, as they're not a part of Sony Music Nashville. Robison was signed to Sony in the mid-'90s, and released several albums with the record company before splitting. "I Want You Bad" (2001) was his highest-charting single, peaking inside the Top 40. Recently his song "El Cerrito Place" was covered and released by Kenny Chesney, who made it a Top 10.

Previously, Robison was married to Dixie Chicks member Emily Robison.

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