Once again, the reign of country top earner goes to the one and only Garth Brooks, who raked in a cool $70 million over the last year to land him at a cool No. 15 overall on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Brooks fell from No. 6 last year when he earned $90 million, largely due to his enormously successful world tour, which is ongoing. Kenny Chesney is the next in line when it comes to country stars, coming in at No. 26 on the list with $56 million, which includes income from his various endorsement deals with brands like Costas sunglasses and Corona beer. He may climb even higher next year, as he just signed a deal with Engel Coolers.

Country's other stars bringing home the most bacon include Luke Bryan at No. 37 with $53 million — also due in part to endorsement deals with companies like Cabela’s and Miller Lite — up from No. 49 last year. Toby Keith trails slightly at No. 47, down a bit from his spot at No. 32 last year. He pulled in $47.5 million over the past year. In addition to his income from touring and music sales, he’s currently representing Ford and has his own restaurant chain.

Jason Aldean made the list as well, though he dropped from No. 47 to 75, bringing in $36 million, primarily from ticket sales. However, none of these cowboy celebs compare to the artist who took home the No. 1 slot: everyone’s favorite ex-country darling Taylor Swift, who is swimming in a whopping $170 million this year.

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