The eccentric that Foy Vance plays during an impromptu video shoot for his new song "Thank You for Asking" has a name. With that kind of style, you know he has a few stories, too.

Watch the strolling music video for Vance's "Thank You for Asking" during this exclusive premiere on Taste of Country. The song is one Vance (a northern Irish singer and songwriter who's signed to Ed Sheeran's record label) had earmarked for his 2019 To Memphis album, but it just didn't work out. He and Gregg Houston of Babysweet Productions decided to film a music video for it anyway, recording the footage after a day of recording at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis.

"My fans will know that I believe in the 'joy of nothing' and I hope that the light-hearted nature of the track and video can bring them a little joy," he tells Taste of Country. "Gordon Zolah had a lot of fun wandering around the iconic streets of Memphis and I think that shows."

So technically, that's not Foy Vance brushing the streets of Memphis. When he dons the white wig and gives a sideways smile, he's Gordon Zolah. Does Zolah work for free?

Vance is very familiar with Nashville and country music, having written songs by Miranda Lambert ("Pushin' Time"), covered by Keith Urban ("Burden") and with Brett Eldredge, Devin Dawson and Little Big Town. In fact, Dawson chose a Vance song called "She Burns" as his cover for his 2018 Taste of Country RISERS campaign.

“I loved Devin’s version of ‘She Burns,’ I thought it was beautiful," Vance told Taste of Country last fall. "And I thought Keith’s version of ‘Burden’ was incredible. I really did, and I wasn’t expecting to. I don’t normally like when people cover my songs, but when I listened to that I forgot it was my song, to be honest."

In addition to "Cradled in Arms" (seen above), Vance cut a song called "Malibu Jane" in the ToC studio. Both are found on To Memphis.

WATCH: Foy Vance Sings "Malibu Jane" 

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